• Women in Construction seeks to increase the percentage of women on the front line and leaders of the works.

ACCIONA launched its Women in Construction program, which aims to recruit women for the construction of Line 6-Orange of the São Paulo Subway where it seeks to increase the percentage of women on the front line and leaders of the works. In addition, they are already working to ensure that 80% of the positions in the stave factory at the construction site are occupied by women.

The program is aimed at professionals who already work or have worked in the segment, whether they are engineers or technical and operational professionals, as well as recent graduates, women without experience, but interested in training and also reintegrating into the labor market after maternity.

"We know how competitive the market is and the difficulty some women face in selection processes when they do not get a place due to lack of qualifications or experience. Therefore, we will support their qualification and provide them with new opportunities, encouraging greater diversity in our hiring processes," explains Maria Castroviejo, head of ACCIONA's Organization, Talent and Health area in Brazil.

This initiative is in addition to the mentoring and technical training programs for women that the company has already implemented in its operations in Brazil and that comply with the pillars of ACCIONA's Sustainability Master Plan (SMP) 2025. In the last ten years, the number of women professionals in leadership roles at ACCIONA worldwide has risen from 14.5% in 2011 to 21.6% in 2021 thanks to programs designed to boost gender diversity within the company, proving the company's commitment to this issue.

An ongoing commitment

On International Women's Day, a very important project was launched that will bring significant changes to ACCIONA's operations in Brazil: the implementation of ACCIONA's Diversity Committee in the country.

The goal is to promote concrete actions in the areas of inclusion and diversity, including the replication in Brazil of actions that have already been successful in other countries where ACCIONA operates.

The first action of the committee will be to understand the scenario that the company faces today in the country so that it can start implementing action plans in the main areas related to:

  • gender equality
  • inclusion of minorities and people with disabilities
  • promotion of partnerships that support training and hiring people

"More than 8,000 employees will be working on the Line 6 project , so we see this as the best time to raise awareness among leaders and build a diverse team. Studies consistently show that a commitment to this purpose only benefits companies."  –María Castroviejo, Director of Organization, Talent and Health.