• Thanks to this system and the use of a mobile device, the worker creates a safety zone to detect in time the intrusion of a vehicle during road maintenance work

ACCIONA, through its Infrastructure Maintenance area, has presented its “Smart System for the Protection of Workers (SIPT in Spanish)” at the XIX National ACEX 2023 Awards for Safety in Maintenance”, organized by the Association of Infrastructure Maintenance and Operation Companies.

ACCIONA’s entry in the “Associates” category is the “Smart System for the Protection of Workers”, which focuses on detecting the intrusion of vehicles into the worker’s protected zone during road maintenance work.

The aim of this system is to improve the safety conditions of workers engaged in road maintenance and repair works by providing a solution that warns them in time of an approaching vehicle in their protected zone. To do this, the worker defines this area on a tablet or smartphone so that he or she can carry out the relevant work with additional protection. In addition, the SIPT is integrated with the Zero IoT system, also developed by ACCIONA.

The aim of the ACEX Nations Awards is to recognize the merits and efforts of all those workers, companies and administrations that have developed activities in the field of infrastructure maintenance and operation with outstanding positive consequences in terms of safety.

The deadline to vote for ACCIONA’s candidacy is May 26 at 1:00 pm.


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