• The circular economy, hydroponics and energy efficiency, and reforestation and access to water are some of the lines ACCIONA’s Energy Division is working in to achieve a more sustainable world.
  • Projects representing an investment of around €100,000 are contributing to “Sustaining all life on Earth”, with around 500 beneficiaries.

March is full of dates that remind us that we only have one planet: World Wildlife Day, Energy Efficiency Day, Forests, Water… and the 28th closed the month with ‘Earth Hour’, organized every year by the WWF to raise awareness in society by switching all lights off for an hour. It is therefore no surprise that the slogan the United Nations has chosen for this month is “Sustaining all life on Earth”. Below we summarize the social initiatives that our Energy Division has carried out in 2020 to make this slogan a reality.


In Diego de Almagro (Chile), the Energy Division has carried out a Technical training programme in the circular economy, consisting of the transfer of knowledge for the manufacture of furniture using pallets from the Almeyda photovoltaic plant. It is a way of fostering sustainable development and entrepreneurship in the circular economy, with the recycling of waste products offsetting the impact of the plant in the community.

In the Santa Cruz and San Carlos wind farms in Mexico waste recycling programmes have been implemented, and they are used to benefit the local community.


In the Adult Study Centre in Almagro a greenhouse was built to house hydroponic vegetable crops. Fifteen students were trained in the centre, where they learned to grow hydroponic (waterless) crops. The workshop also provided training on the construction of cooking pots and solar furnaces.

Also in Diego de Almagro -specifically in the Older Adults Centre- an urban market garden has been created with the aim of improving the quality of life of the most vulnerable people in the community in a sustainable manner, giving them tips on how to grow their own food. The initiative also includes the construction of a sun shading system. Both the market garden and the shaded area were built using pallets from the Almeyda photovoltaic plant.


In line with the municipal project for the “Reforestation of the Atacama Desert” in Diego de Almagro -which aims to plant 5,000 trees between now and 2025-, ACCIONA has set up a training programme offering theoretical and practical advice on the planting, growing and care of native tree species. It is also cooperating in the construction of a modular nursery for the planting and reproduction of these species, using wood from pallets used in the Malgarida photovoltaic plant.


In Mexico a number of initiatives have been implemented to improve access to water and sanitation of the communities in the areas around the company’s plants, particularly in schools.

In the USA, a 3D model of the Arroyo Colorado basin has been developed. The model will be used to educate children from communities located near the Palmas Altas wind farm.

All these initiatives have represented an investment of around €100,000 and have benefited around 500 people from the communities near the plants.