• Projecto Loreto has helped to develop a cultural blueprint that supports men and women in a gender-balanced environment, 50:50.

The Loreto Project genesis dates back to 2018 and the launch of our "You're Welcome" campaign, and despite being relatively small; it already stood out for its potential for immense impact.

In 2020, the new building with a basement at Loreto Mandeville Hall, Australia, was constructed. The construction of this independent girls' school in Melbourne was the focus of the Loreto Project, which aimed to carry out the work with a 50:50 gender diverse workforce.

"What I really enjoyed about working on Project Loreto was the opportunity that it gave me as a female in the industry to grow and learn"-Kim Hall, Concrete Pump Operator-

A series of workshops were conducted by qualified and experienced staff, providing the participants an insight to the life of the project, from design and engineering to its delivery. These workshops gave women the opportunity to see firsthand the various careers that the construction industry has to offer. The project has also provided an excellent learning opportunity in the construction industry.

Project Loreto completed the construction of the building with a 53% female workforce. These women will continue to work on future company projects.


Project Loreto is part of Sustainable 50:50, a specific program designed to promote gender diversity and actively encourage women's participation and leadership in our production centers. In this way we promote the full inclusion of women in the sectors in which we operate where women are underrepresented.