• AENOR’s Highway Safety certification primarily seeks to help companies improve the safety of their operations and reduce accidents
  • The certification accredits the company’s good practices in managing road safety

The maintenance area of ACCIONA’s infrastructure business has obtained AENOR certification under the ISO 39001 standard, which accredits its good practices in managing road safety.

At the presentation ceremony held at ACCIONA’s offices, Vicente Ariño, head of the company’s infrastructure maintenance area, was presented with the certificate by Enrique Megía, AENOR’s manager in Madrid, and Gonzalo Piédrola, director for the central region and EMEA at AENOR, the leading certification organisation in Spain.

AENOR’s Highway Safety certification primarily seeks to help companies improve the safety of their operations and reduce accidents. This tool also offers three main advantages, namely to promote a “safe system” approach, which aims to eliminate the number of traffic accident deaths and injuries in the long term by encouraging good practices; avoid significant economic costs and financial losses in companies while improving productivity and profitability; and strengthening their corporate social responsibility position, adopting a shared responsibility approach in terms of road safety among the different agents of the road system.

ACCIONA, in line with its commitment to road safety, has included this issue in its Integrated Management System in order to minimise traffic accidents for workers (working on highway operations and travelling between home and work) and for road users.

The Road Safety System has a specific policy that is integrated with the other policies in the system. The measures that have been implemented in the organisation include the Specific Vehicle Detection System (SDA) featuring IoT technology and training around safety when driving. ACCIONA is also working on specific measures to improve the safety of its vehicle fleet and its maintenance, as well as improving conditions for those employees that spend most of their time driving (security guards, lorry drivers, etc.)  and in developing operational procedures to mitigate incidents involving road users.

Safety is one of the key values of the Integrated Management Policy of ACCIONA’s infrastructure maintenance area due to the risk of traffic accidents, as the majority of its tasks are carried out on operational highways where workers are potentially exposed, in addition to the usual risks inherent in infrastructure companies. Controlling this aspect is therefore a fundamental part of the correct overall management of these types of companies.