• The project aims to promote the use of artificial intelligence in the transport infrastructure sector.

The INARTRANS 4.0 innovation project, coordinated by ACCIONA, has been launched with the aim of catalyzing the use of artificial intelligence solutions in the transport infrastructure sector, accelerating the digital transformation and strengthening the competitiveness of the construction sector.

This initiative, supported by the Science and Innovation Missions program of the Center for Technological Development and Innovation (CDTI) and the call for aid for R&D projects of the National Research Agency (AEI), marks a milestone in the digital transition towards an advanced industry in artificial intelligence solutions for the transport infrastructure sector.

The goal of the project is for these transformative solutions to cover the entire infrastructure value chain, from construction to operations and maintenance, with a particular focus on information systems and data governance.



The project is funded by the CDTI’s Science and Innovation Missions program and is part of the TRANSMISSIONS 2023 initiative. The strategic collaboration between private companies, technology centers and universities has been essential to bring this initiative to life, promoted by the Spanish Construction Technology Platform PTEC and managed by Indi-Tec.

Among the participating entities, the CDTI cluster stands out, led by ACCIONA as coordinator and made up of an outstanding group of companies, such as GRUPO AZVI, Indra Sistemas, JIG Internet Consulting, MAINRAIL and VIRTUALMECH. On the other hand, the AEI Group is also participating, led by the Construction Technology Center of the Region of Murcia (CTCON), with the collaboration of INTROMAC, TEKNIKER, the University of Alcalá and the Polytechnic University of Madrid.

INARTRANS 4.0 represents an important step in the development of innovative solutions that will transform the way transport infrastructure is designed, built and maintained, consolidating ACCIONA’s position as a leader at the forefront of the technological revolution in the construction sector.


This project has been funded by the Center for the Development of Industrial Technology within the framework of the TRANS MISIONES program.