• A new technical communication solution is now being used in the construction of the double-track railway through Moss. This innovation can contribute to better control and safety in large construction tunnel projects.

A new technical communication solution is now being used in the construction of the double-track railway through Moss. This innovation can contribute to better control and safety in large construction tunnel projects.

Norwegian building and construction projects are becoming increasingly complex at the same time as higher demands are placed on efficiency and cost control. The joint venture between Implenia Norge AS and ACCIONA, known as MossIA ANS, is using a new real-time technology to provide better control and ensure progress in building a 10-km double-track railway between Sandbukta and Såstad, crossing the municipality of Moss.

“The Bane NOR project is an excellent example of what the future holds. Over the last couple months, we have installed sensors, cameras and other equipment in Moss.
We believe this solution can have enormous potential for the entire industry,” says Jacobo Arnanz, Construction director for ACCIONA in Norway.


Increased safety and control

Digitunnel is a solution that collects and integrates enormous amounts of real-time information generated at the project site and transforms this data into meaningful information that is made available to all parties involved. The data is made available via a web-based platform. The data can be accessed on computers in control rooms, technical offices in the project, or elsewhere in the world through computers or mobile devices. It provides immediate information about the project’s progress, gives increased safety for workers, and dramatically reduces the need for paperwork and manual control.

Using Digitunnel, it is possible to quickly get an overview of how many people and vehicles there are in the tunnel at all times, resulting in good control in the projects. The system also monitors the air inside the tunnel. It will, for example, immediately detect if there are dangerous gases in the tunnel. This result in increased safety for the workers in the tunnel.


Can potentially save large amounts with portable technology

Many large construction projects are characterized by large amounts of paperwork, double work, and unnecessary delays which can be costly. By automating such processes, crucial time is freed to concentrate on progress. Simultaneously, the chances of something going wrong are reduced and budgetary control are enhanced.

“Paperwork and inspections can be time-consuming processes, and human error is an ever-present danger. Digitunnel makes the construction process safer and easier for everyone  involved in a project because all necessary information is practically at your fingertips”, says Jacobo Arnanz.


Hopes to use Digitunnel all over the world

The Innovasjonsbarometeret 2020, or Innovation Barometer which was carried out by Norstat among 170 companies in the construction industry on behalf of Cramo, shows increasing strategic work on innovation in the construction industry. New ideas and better solutions are crucial for better competitiveness, cost control, and higher value creation. ACCIONA is among the leading international companies that invest heavily in innovation, development, and research.


ACCIONA has invested 237 millions euro in 2020 in research, technology, and development through our departments and collaborate with universities and companies worldwide. Our new solutions are developed for the benefit of the projects we build across the world. The new technology is being tested locally at our construction sites, such as here in Moss. If the testing goes as we hope, we will use Digitunnel and revolutionise construction projects around the world, says Jacobo Arnanz