• The main aim of the project is to create a Digital Building Twin (DBT) platform to improve the efficiency of managing building construction processes.
  • ACCIONA will lead the implementation and validation of the platform at three real works sites in France, Finland and Spain.

The BIM2TWIN project, in which ACCIONA is participating, was launched on 1 November to create a Digital Building Twin (DBT) platform to better manage building construction processes. Lean principles will be implemented on the project to reduce all types of losses and operational waste, optimise timeframes and machinery, reduce costs, improve quality and on-site safety, and reduce the carbon footprint.

This platform will provide comprehensive information about the status of the constructed product and the execution of the processes using real-time monitoring thanks to multiple in-situ sensors. This will enable a comparison to be made with the design for the product and the planned processes by using a series of applications that offer full control over the works and informed decision-making.

The platform will also make it possible to detect risk situations on-site in real time and to implement advanced planning management to predict the impact of changes and simulate potential alternatives.

The BIM2TWIN project, financed under the European Commission’s Horizon 2020 programme and involving a further 16 partners in addition to ACCIONA, has a total budget of €6 million and will last for 42 months, culminating in 2024 with its implementation in three building projects.

For its part, ACCIONA will be responsible for leading this implementation and validating the Digital Building Twin platform at three real works sites in France, Finland and Spain, with the latter being a pioneering project being constructed by the company in Barcelona.

The BIM2TWIN project seeks to demonstrate that the use of advanced technology is fundamental to improve the construction sector through more efficient management and greater productivity, while reducing operational waste and the carbon footprint.

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