• British Columbia: The company has received the ‘Health and Safety at Work’ award from the BC Road Builders & Heavy Construction Association.

AIM Roads, a Canadian subsidiary of ACCIONA focusing on road, bridge and infrastructure maintenance, has received the ‘Health and Safety at Work’ award from the BC Road Builders & Heavy Construction Association, supported by the British Columbia Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure and WorkSafeBC (the province's Workers' Compensation Board).

The purpose of these awards is to recognize workplace practices, policies, programs, processes or tools that demonstrate outstanding improvements in occupational health and safety in the construction and infrastructure maintenance industry.

The award was presented by Kaye Krishna, Deputy Minister of Transportation and Infrastructure of the Province of British Columbia and Kevin Richter, Assistant Deputy Minister of Highways of the Province of British Columbia during the Contractor of the Year Awards ceremony, held at the Conference Center of Victoria.

The award recognizes AIMS Roads' commitment to maintaining the highest standards of occupational health and safety.

ACCIONA's subsidiary implemented comprehensive safety protocols and training programs, in addition to innovative continuous improvement initiatives such as the use of the Intelligent System for the Protection of Workers (ISPW). The innovative system encourages the creation of a culture where safety is a top priority.

The system aims to improve the safety conditions of workers engaged in road maintenance and repair works by providing a solution that gives advance warning of an approaching vehicle in their protected zone. To do this, the worker defines the area on a tablet or smartphone so that they can carry out the relevant work with additional protection.



Since 2019, AIM Roads maintained over 4,200 kilometers of roads in British Columbia's Okanagan-Shuswap and South Okanagan regions.

Among its tasks is responsibility for winter road maintenance, which is of great importance for the mobility of people and goods for much of the year due to winter conditions and heavy snowfall.