• The company received awards in three different categories: “Research and Innovation”, “Best Overseas Track Record 2022” and “Contributions in New Areas of Road Engineering”.

ACCIONA received three awards from the Association of Civil Engineers of the Madrid Region (Colegio de Ingenieros de Caminos, Canales y Puertos) during the Awards Ceremony for the 2022 edition, held on June 8 at the Matadero in Madrid.

The company was recognized in three different categories: “Research and Innovation”, “Best Overseas Track Record”” and “Contributions in New Areas of Road Engineering”.


CT-bos: Research and Innovation

The floating foundation solution for offshore wind turbines, CT-bos, developed by ACCIONA in collaboration with BlueNewables, was awarded in the “Research and Innovation” category.

It is a floating solution for the installation of offshore wind turbines, designed for industrialized mass production to reduce manufacturing costs in the offshore wind industry. It is a solution that is easily adaptable to offshore wind turbines of different sizes and depths. This technology will be demonstrated in the summer of 2024 with the installation of a prototype as part of the INFINITI project, funded by the European Union.

The award was received during the ceremony by Daniel Cuartero, Technical Director of the Construction business of ACCIONA.


Miguel Ángel Heras: Best Overseas Track Record 2022

Miguel Ángel Heras, current CEO of the Industrial SBU of the Construction business of ACCIONA, and general director of the company's subsidiary in Poland, was recognized as the civil engineer with the best overseas track record 2022.

A graduate of the Polytechnic University of Madrid, Miguel Ángel joined ACCIONA in 1986 and has been with the company for more than 37 years. Throughout his career, he has acquired extensive international experience, having held various positions in countries such as Colombia, Venezuela, Chile, Puerto Rico, Canada, Australia, the United Arab Emirates and Poland.


Nicolás Corral: Contributions in new areas of road engineering 2022

For his part, Nicolás Corral, currently Investment Director of Bestinver’s Infrastructure Funds Division and previously CEO of ACCIONA's Services Division, was awarded in the “Contributions in new areas of road engineering 2022” nomination.

Nicolás Corral holds a degree in civil engineering from the University of Cantabria and an MBA from IE Business School in Madrid. He has more than 20 years’ experience in the development, design, financing, construction, operation and maintenance of infrastructures.

In the last edition, the company received the award for “Best Municipal Work” for the renovation project of the summer and winter swimming pool of the Palomeras Municipal Sports Center, in Puente de Vallecas (Madrid).