• La Sagrera-TAV station, awarded in the Urban Works category, will be an intermodal hub with a traffic volume of up to 100 million people per year

At the Potencia Awards for Construction, Public Works and Mining 2023, held on June 22 at the Real Fábrica de Tapices in Madrid, ACCIONA received an award for the “Sagrera High-Speed Central Station (Barcelona)” project, which it is carrying out in a joint venture with Dragados, Comsa and Sorigué.

The award in the Urban Works category was collected by Roberto Carballo, Director of AMISA’s Railway Division and of ACCIONA’s Construction Business Works Execution Support and Equipment Management Unit, and Juan de Dios Arévalo, engineer in the company’s Railway Division Technical Office.


Winning project: La Sagrera-TAV Station in Barcelona

The station is located between the Bac de Roda and the Treball bridges in Barcelona. The project, which is being carried out by a consortium including ACCIONA, includes earthworks, structures, conventional track (more than four kilometers in total), drainage and the replacement of services..

The construction of the station represents an ambitious construction challenge due to its structural complexity and the construction process, which envisages partial operation of the railway lines during the construction phase.

It is a semi-buried building with a surface area of 260,000 m2 distributed over three levels. The upper level will be a walkable green roof that will serve as a meeting point for the neighborhoods of Sant Martí and Sagrera, currently divided by the railway tracks.

La Sagrera-TAV station will thus become a major intermodal hub designed to handle more than 100 million people a year. It will accommodate the high-speed line, the R1 and R2 commuter lines and the L4, L9 and L10 lines of the Barcelona Metro, as well as buses, taxis and parking for private vehicles.


Potencia Awards

These awards, organized by Grupo Interempresas, the publisher of Potencia magazine, recognize the quality and innovative efforts of Spanish construction and engineering companies in the design and execution of major projects worldwide, thanking them for their work as bearers of the value of the “Spain Brand”.