• Diego Marin, CEO Concession´s business ACCIONA will take part in a round table that will analyse the main challenges facing the infrastructure sector

ACCIONA will participate in the 12th edition of the ‘Investructuras’ Congress organized by IFAES next November 3 in Madrid.

The congress, which focuses on investment and financing for infrastructure projects at international level, will bring together the main private sector players (construction companies, concessionaires, investors, banks and other financial entities, engineering firms, consultancies and legal firms) together with interested parties from the Administration.

Among the core themes of the congress will be challenges and investments in the rail transport sector, priority investments, the EU Next Generation programme, the main strategies on the international market and the monetization of alternative assets.

Diego Marin, CEO Concession´s business ACCIONA  will take part in the round table titled “The CEOs’ perspective: analysis, challenges and obstacles”, where he will discuss the present and future of the infrastructure sector with senior managers from other companies.

The evolution of activity on the national and international levels, the opportunities and challenges arising from the EU Next Generation funding programme or new strategies and key players in the present concession market will be some of the main themes covered in this round table.

Another of the round table’s aims is to put forward the urgent need to strengthen public-private cooperation to develop key infrastructures, and the main charging mechanisms to finance the conservation of infrastructures.