• The dam, which was completed in September, has a height of 60 meters and a crest of more than one kilometre

ACCIONA held a technical seminar on the Site C dam (Canada), organized jointly with the Spanish Society of Dams and Reservoirs (SEPREM).

The aim of the event, held at the Spanish Engineering Institute, was to present the main challenges and solutions in the construction of this dam, one of the largest in Canada.

The session was opened by Moisés Rubín de Celix, president of SEPREM, and ACCIONA was represented by Antonio Muñoz, director of Construction for the North Atlantic and Southeast Asia Area, and Joaquín Jiménez, head of Hydraulic Works in the Construction division.

During the presentation of the project, some aspects were highlighted, such as the river diversion works, the execution of the Roller Compacted Concrete (RCC) structure, the role of geotechnics in the construction of the earthfill dam or the construction sequence of the latter.

Through these conferences, the Spanish Society of Dams and Reservoirs seeks to disseminate outstanding hydraulic works in which Spanish companies participate.



ACCIONA has extensive experience in the hydroelectric infrastructure sector, particularly in the construction of dams, having participated in more than 80 dams in over 15 countries, using innovative technologies and prioritizing sustainability.

During the construction of the Site C hydroelectric project, measures were implemented that demonstrate ACCIONA’s commitment to reducing its carbon footprint, such as the use of an innovative earth-moving platform and a five-kilometer conveyor belt to transport materials, avoiding CO2 emissions from vehicle transportation.

The 1,050-metre long Site C earthfill dam, which rises 60 meters above the Peace River, is the region’s third dam and hydroelectric power plant. This project, one of the largest in Canada, will provide more than 450,000 homes with clean, renewable energy for more than 100 years and contribute to economic development and job creation in British Columbia.

The completion of the Site C dam represents an important milestone for ACCIONA, consolidating its position as a benchmark in the development of hydroelectric projects of international relevance.