• The innovative design, manufacture and assembly of the heliostat increase its optical performance and quality, as well as reducing its cost.
  • ACCIONA is positioned as a technology specialist in the CSP market, enhancing its competitiveness in the renewable energy sector.

ACCIONA, together with the Spanish technology firm TEWER, has developed a new 146 m2 heliostat under the name ATH146. This innovative solution is the result of a long design, manufacturing and assembly process that has managed to optimise its optical performance and quality, while reducing its cost. This 146 m2 heliostat is currently being tested at CIEMAT’s installations at the Almería Solar Platform.

The goal of this project is to establish the standardisation of solar thermal renewable technology to enable it to cope with the construction challenges that lie ahead. This heliostat therefore has a modular design that is capable of being adapted to different site conditions around the world, including resilience in locations with high levels of seismic activities or erosion such as Chile or Morocco.

Development of this innovative and competitive heliostat has been possible thanks to different technical innovations applied during the process. These include the design of an innovative face comprising a high reflectivity solar mirror with just three linear supports; development of a tension-free assembly and bevel system that minimises assembly errors; simplification of the torque tube to prevent complex operations while enabling the manufacture of a single piece; and the creation of a smart control system that reduces calibration times.

ACCIONA has integrated the entire value chain of the Spanish solar thermal sector, benefiting from the leadership of Spanish companies in this market, to finally create a heliostat that ensures the best solution for constructing and operating resistant, reliable and high-performance solar fields.

The ATH146 heliostat promotes the development of manageable renewable technologies in line with the Integrated Energy and Climate National Plan and the decarbonisation strategy for the Spanish electricity sector. It is being presented in the market as a cost-effective product that will drive the rollout of this technology at a national and international level, achieving significant emissions reductions.