• Following the renovation, the plant will have a daily treatment capacity of 255,000 m3. It will be equipped with new environmental protection mechanisms and state-of-the-art wastewater treatment systems

The first stone-laying ceremony took part on 19 April for the renovation work on the Wastewater Treatment Plant (WWTP) in Copero (Seville) that will be carried out by the joint venture between ACCIONA and RIEGOSUR.

The Minister for Agriculture, Stockbreeding, Fisheries and Sustainable Development of the Government (Junta) of Andalusia, Carmen Crespo, and the Mayors of Seville, Antonio Muñoz, and Dos Hermanas, Francisco Rodríguez, laid the first stone to symbolize the official start of the construction work. Representatives of the joint venture (UTE EDAR Copero) also attended.

The company was awarded the contract for the adaptation and modernization of the WWTP last year. The pioneering project in the treatment of wastewater in Seville and its metropolitan area is expected to last four years and has a budget of €51 million.

The work programmed will adapt the existing facility (255,000 m3/day) to the new legislation on the discharge of treated wastewater in areas classified as sensitive, which is the case of the river Guadalquivir as it flows through Seville.

ACCIONA will implement new environmental protection systems and will extend the water and sludge lines to equip the plant with the latest treatment techniques, thereby ensuring the protection of the environment.

A new prefilter well will be built on the water line to concentrate settled solids and sands in a specific area from where they can be removed efficiently. The existing biological reactors will also be renovated and other new ones created; air production for the reactors will be improved and new secondary settlers will be built.

The primary digester and the thickening of biological sludge by flotation will also be extended to treat the higher amount of sludge. The dehydration process will also be optimised and a new system to treat leachate will be implemented.

The WWTP will also have a system for covering and deodorizing the different processes.

The contract comes under the climate energy plan prepared by the Metropolitan Water Supply and Sanitation Company of Seville (Emasesa) and is part of the Junta of Andalusia’s commitment to modernize a number of water treatment infrastructures in the region.


Long-standing experience

ACCIONA helps to offset the problem of water shortages on a daily basis through its  sustainable solutions for all the stages of the water cycle, providing a response to the UN’s Sustainable Development Goal no. 6: “Clean water and sanitation” in the process.

ACCIONA creates sustainable water treatment solutions adapted to the circumstances of each project, using its technological and innovative capability to contribute to optimal water quality when it is returned to the environment.

The company has developed more than 330 wastewater plants worldwide to date, with an overall capacity of 22.3 million m3/day, providing a service to a population equivalent of more than 80 million.