• ​The Laguna Lake DWTP, awarded by Mayniland Water Services to the consortium of ACCIONA and D.M Consulting Inc., is for the design, construction, operation, maintenance and commissioning of the plant.

ACCIONA has started the operation and maintenance of Laguna Lake DWTP in Muntinlupa, city located in the southern part of metropolitan Manila; and about two kilometres from where ACCIONA carried out the Putatan II project.

This new phase began today, December 15th, after the inauguration ceremony of the plant. The event was attended by the President of the Philippines, Ferdinand Marcos y Romuáldez and José Díaz-Caneja, CEO of ACCIONA's Infrastructure division, among other representatives and experts from the water sector.

The project has been built in two phases, reaching a final treatment capacity of 150 million liters per day. The plant will help to solve the problem of poor water quality in the area, applying an advanced treatment process of sludges and algae, among other features. Furthermore, as the site where the plant will be located is a floodable area, it will be necessary to do some filling and raising of the land level (5.5 meters).

The plant, which features highly advanced technology, will take water from Laguna Bay, the biggest lake in the Philippines and the second biggest inland freshwater lake in Southeast Asia.

Thanks to this plant, the population is assured of clean and healthy water, ensuring that the lagoon water meets Philippine National Standards for Safe Drinking Water (PNSW). This project is part of Maynilad's service improvement program from 2023 to 2024.

One of the main features of ACCIONA’s plants in the Philippines is the advanced treatment of raw water (water that has not received any previous treatment) and bringing drinking water to a larger population, where many households in the Philippines do not have access to water despite the abundant water resources in the country.

The Laguna Lake plant is expected to be fully operational in the first half of 2024.


ACCIONA opened its new sales office in Manila last April. The company entered the Philippines in 2016 with a contract for the design and construction -and operation and maintenance for one year- of the Putatan II drinking-water plant from brackish water, a project of around €90 million to provide a service to an area that has almost 6 million residents.

Also in the Philippines, ACCIONA was recently awarded the construction of the contract for the design and construction of the East Bay 2 drinking water treatment plant, and its operation and maintenance for 1 year. The DWTP will have a capacity of 200,000 m³/day to supply a population of 2 million people.