• The Spanish team optimizes its Odyssey 21 in a shakedown after working on the car in the factory.

ACCIONA | SAINZ XE Team has completed a shakedown in Masía Pelarda, in Teruel, Spain, before heading to Scotland to take part in the next round of the Extreme E Championship, set to take place in Dumfries and Galloway on the 13th and 14th of July.

This test was the perfect opportunity to double-check the current condition of the Odyssey 21, given that the car was in the team’s headquarters in the previous weeks. This was the first opportunity in over a year to work extensively in the car because it spends the rest of the year travelling on the St. Helena and this limits the access of the mechanics.

The shakedown was also useful to optimize the set-up of the electric car before travelling to Scotland for the next round of the 2024 Extreme E Championship, the Hydro X-Prix. Therefore, beyond performing the regular checks that follow an extensive period in the workshop, the team could also study and improve the set-up of the suspension system.

Laia Sanz was the only official race driver in Masía Pelarda given that the shakedown was short and Fraser McConnell didn't need to travel from Jamaica, where he resides. Laia was not alone and shared the wheel with Carlos Sainz, who gave his feedback and got to refresh his knowledge of the car, which has evolved significantly since Carlos stopped his duties as official race driver for the team.

Masía Pelarda is a property in Teruel with over 200 hectares of land prepared for off-road driving, with multiple tracks that vary in difficulty. It is the perfect lab to test the durability and behaviour of the Odyssey 21 before Extreme E resumes this weekend.


Joan Orús, Team Principal:
"With this test, the goal was to double-check that everything in the car was working well after all the work we had done in the factory. It was a shakedown, so we didn’t get to do many kilometres and therefore Fraser didn't need to travel to Spain from Jamaica. We tried to understand different things in the car and Laia was also able to work on her driving. On top of that, having Carlos’ privileged vision available and getting him to understand the car's current state is also positive. The test was positive and we think we are ready to keep fighting for the Championship in Scotland".