• The machine was received in Austria in the manufacturer’s facility. It will shortly be transported to Spain, where it will start operating after homologation.

ACCIONA has received the new tamping machine acquired by the company this year to use it in construction projects, guaranteeing greater respect for the environment. This year ACCIONA has made a commitment to purchase two new machines to modernise its rail construction and maintenance projects in Spain.

The machine was handed over at the manufacturer’s facility in Austria, and it is expected to arrive soon in ACCIONA’s Machinery Pool in Noblejas (province of Toledo). Once the homologation process has been completed, it will be used by ACCIONA’s Rail and Tunnels UTE (temporary joint venture) for its construction and maintenance projects in Spain.

The investment made by the company’s Machinery Assets Department is over €6 million.

The new equipment represents a technological leap forward in comparison to its predecessors, achieving a substantial optimisation of work and a great advance in terms of digitisation. It will make the step from a standard track machine to one that incorporates a real time communication platform, meaning that decisions can be taken in the areas of security, resource management, optimisation of maintenance, connectivity and monitoring of work in an agile and precise manner. The new machine also represents a major improvement in terms of the efficiency of its motors, leading to a considerable reduction in emissions.

Through its Machinery Assets Department, ACCIONA continues to modernise its machinery pool to offer better service to projects and business units, prioritising productivity + efficiency and sustainability criteria.