• The consortium, together with the client, received the “Award for Excellence” for the innovative design of the dam and the exemplary use of concrete in its construction

ACCIONA and its partners in the Rookwood Weir Alliance consortium -GHD and McCosker Contracting- together with the client, Sunwater, have received the “Award for Excellence” from the Concrete Institute of Australia. This is an important state recognition that highlights both the design of the weir, which is highly sustainable, and the innovative use of concrete in its construction.

ACCIONA and its partners used a unique mass concrete design to extend the life of the weir by up to 100 years. In addition, this innovative concrete mix has allowed us to reduce the amount of cement, save energy, reduce carbon emissions and promote the recycling of waste.

Another innovative highlight of the weir’s design is that it features a world-class fish lock and turtle passage, which minimizes the impact on the mobility of 37 species of fish and up to six species of turtles.

Rookwood Weir is currently 98% complete with 129,000 cubic meters of concrete poured. Work is expected to be completed by the end of the year.


The project

The Rookwood Weir project, awarded to ACCIONA and its partners GHD, and McCosker Contracting under an Alliance model contract, consists of the construction of a weir in Central Queensland, Australia.

The weir has a maximum height of more than 16 meters and is 350 meters long. It is divided into several design components, the left bank abutment (Erosion Protection Slabs), 13 monolith structures, the spilling basins, the fish lock, the turtle passage, castellation blocks, Ogee Crests, and the right bank abutment.

A workforce of 140 remain onsite to complete the remaining components of the weir, including placing the final 1,500 cubic metres of concrete and completing the electrical and mechanical components of the fish lock and turtle passage.

The aim of the project is to increase the water storage capacity and other facilities in the Fitzroy River to provide high and medium reliability water to meet the agricultural, urban and industrial needs of the region. The construction of this weir is expected to enhance regional economic development by providing opportunities for intensive agriculture in the Lower Fitzroy area, whilst also ensuring water security within the region