• The R&D Department of ACCIONA’s Water Division has developed an innovative solution to generate a cloud of microbubbles at low pressure in high-speed floats, which means that saturators and compressors do not need to be used.

Dissolved air flotation (DAF) is one of the most widely used technologies in the removal of low-density solids, algae, hydrocarbons, oil, grease etc. from water that sedimentation cannot eliminate.

This is achieved by injecting fine bubbles, usually air bubbles, into the liquid phase through conventional systems to generate microbubbles. Although this description is a very simple one, the process requires a range of equipment, with the presence of a saturator usually a key factor.

However, DIFFUSAIR®, the new solution developed and patented by ACCIONA, consists of a nozzle that generates a cloud of microbubbles of constant size (determined by the operator), introducing water at low pressure (1.5-6 bar) without the need for air saturators, compressors or blowers.

The main advantage offered by DIFUSSAIR® is a 30% reduction in aeration equipment costs and up to 20% in energy consumption in comparison with conventional aeration systems, thus guaranteeing optimal performance for the longest possible time.

It is a robust system that minimizes the risk of obstructions and adapts to a wide range of operating conditions according to each type of water, and thanks to its ability to regulate the inflow of air and the size of the bubbles.

This device can replace the nozzles currently used in water treatment plants, not only in the DAF process but also in other processes that require the generation of bubbles or microbubbles as in degreasers, floats or bioreactors.

DIFFUSAIR® is part of the portfolio of innovative solutions that ACCIONA offers its clients with the ultimate aim of reducing energy consumption in existing or newly built facilities in line with the company’s commitment to develop installations that are more sustainable environmentally.

ACCIONA, a leader in water treatment

ACCIONA aims to lead the transition towards a low carbon economy, providing all its clients with quality criteria and innovation processes designed to optimise the efficient use of resources while caring for the environment.

ACCION’s Water Division is a world leader in the water treatment sector and sets out to provide a response to the great challenges faced by the human race related to water, for example, sanitation problems, water shortages, access to this vital resource, increased demand and the sustainability of the sector. The total number of people who benefit from the company’s activity is around 80 million in more than 30 countries on the 5 continents.

Caption: Operation of the DIFFUSAIR® solution in DAF process