• The plant will provide a service to 1.5 million people with a construction period of 42 months.

In November, the construction work on the ‘Los Merinos’ wastewater treatment plant located in the northern part of Guayaquil, the most populated city in Ecuador, has undergone  major changes that represent progress for the project.

The award of the contract by the Municipal Potable Water and Drainage Company of Guayaquil (EMAPAG) means that a population equivalent of 1.5 will receive the service. The project sets out to reduce the odours that affect residents in nearby areas such as El Limonal, Samanes and Guayacanes.

The construction work, which began in September, has continued and currently stands at 5% of the total planned. Among the latest activities are earthworks on the site, the implementation of gravel columns and the construction of a retaining wall to contain the River Daule.


You can see the progress made in the following video


“Los Merinos” is the fifth water treatment project and the fourth plant of this type that ACCIONA will build in Ecuador, where it has had its own office since 2012, consolidating ACCIONA as one of the key players in the water infrastructure sector in the country and at the fore in large-scale wastewater treatment projects in Latin America.