• In total, this 16-kilometre stretch of elevated viaduct will have 396 spans made up of more than 6,186 segments.

ACCIONA and its partner have successfully lifted the first 16 segments that make up the first span of Section 2 of the Malolos-Clark railway line in the Philippines.

In total, this 16-kilometer section of elevated viaduct will consist of 396 spans made up of 6,186 segments, each 2.5 meters long and weighing around 45 tons.

This work was carried out using the first of four double-beam launchers to be used on the project. Thanks to this system, it will be possible to lift the 700-ton deck of each span of the 40-meter viaduct.

This construction milestone has been reached after two years of intense activity during which the precasting plant has been put into operation and more than 1,350 segments have already been produced. These have been produced with ACCIONA’s own resources, using the match casting method and software developed 100% by ACCIONA.

In addition, ACCIONA and its partner have concreted 800 of the 2,491 piles that make up the viaduct’s deep foundations and built 80 of the 450 columns that will support its structure.


Two sections of the Malolos-Clark railway line

ACCIONA is currently building two sections of the Malolos-Clark railway line, which were awarded in 2020 for a total of 890 million euros.. The first, corresponding to Section 4, consists of the construction of a 6.5-kilometer section of elevated viaduct, an underground access section to Clark Airport and a station at the Clark Airport International Terminal.

The second, corresponding to Section 2, consists of the construction of a 16-kilometer elevated viaduct, including the new San Fernando Station.

The new rail line will reduce the travel time between Manila and Clark International Airport to one hour. Currently, the trip can only be made by bus, which takes more than three hours. Greenhouse gas emissions from these trips will be reduced by more than 60,000 tons per year.


Latest award in the country: South Commuter Railway

This year, the Philippines Department of Transport (DoTr) awarded ACCIONA Lot No. 2 of the South Commuter Railway (SCR) project, which includes the construction of 7.9 kilometers of railway track structure on a viaduct and three stations (España, Santa Mesa and Paco) in Manila.

The contract, worth approximately 480 million euros, is part of a 54.6-kilometer line with 18 stations that will connect the Philippine capital to Calambá (Laguna).