• COMMITMENT TO SAFETY. ACCIONA Energía continues its support of the Custer Fire Protection District

At a council meeting held in February, representatives of ACCIONA Energía were on hand to present a donation to the Friends of Custer Fire Protection District. 

This is ACCIONA Energía’s second donation to the non-profit.  The initial donation in September 2022 helped the organization with the purchase an ambulance for the Custer Fire Protection District.  This second donation in the amount of $25,000.00 helps the local volunteer fire department with the staffing costs of two part time Emergency Medical Technicians (“EMT”). 

Joaquin Castillo, CEO of ACCIONA Energía North America, said that the company’s donation to the Custer Fire Protection District will benefit the entire community.  “ACCIONA Energía is proud to be able to play a role in supporting the community and the  Custer Fire Protection District by providing funds to assist in their emergency response efforts.” 

The fundraising efforts for Custer Fire Protection District are spear-headed by Friends of Custer Fire, a 501(c)(3) located in Custer Park, IL.  The organization’s mission is to bring awareness to fire department activities and to support the Custer Fire Protection District.  Now that the ambulance has been procured, the organization is focused on raising funds to support the EMT positions and bring the ambulance into service. 

The Custer Fire Protection District and its volunteers are dedicated to serving the community of Custer Park, IL, the community closest to the ACCIONA Energía Will County Solar Farm which is currently undergoing the local permitting process.   “As with many rural fire departments, we have very small budgets so this donation from ACCIONA Energía will have a great impact on the safety of our communities in Custer Park and Will County.” said Chief Frank Davito. 

ACCIONA Energía owns and operates 10 wind farms in the United States, totaling more than 1GW of wind capacity, and the 64MW Nevada Solar One Concentrated Solar Power facility. Upon completion of the Red-Tailed Hawk (460MWdc), Fort Bend (316MWdc), High Point (127MWdc), and Union County (415MWdc) solar farms, ACCIONA Energía will have more than 2.6GW capacity of solar and wind production in the United States.  The company also owns the Cunningham BESS (190MW/380MWh) project located in Hunt County, TX.