• This project is part of the company's commitment to 4.0 technologies in order to optimize the management of the integral water cycle

ACCIONA, a provider of drinking water distribution and sanitation services in Andratx (Mallorca), has carried out the digitization of the municipality's supply network, as well as the instrumentation of the network, and service connections of the subscribers through Geographical Information Systems (GIS).

The network has also been micro-sectorized. Flowmeters have been installed in particular areas and smart meters have been installed to take instantaneous readings of consumption levels and detect any anomalous levels quickly and reliably.

This action is part of ACCIONA's commitment to the digitization of the end-to-end water cycle. To this end, ACCIONA incorporates Industry 4.0 technologies to manage water resources more efficiently and from different angles, with the aim of providing a better service to its clients. Some of the technologies that favor greater efficiency in the management of water resources developed by ACCIONA are the GOTA CIA or BIONS project.

Assets and technical resources are mapped by GOTA CIA platform to create an overview of the operation and maintenance of the network or treatment plant in question, making the reception, allocation and resolution of work orders more efficient.

All the information in GOTA CIA and other systems in the service is integrated into the BIONS platform, created to digitize operations and speed up the transfer of data.

BIONS means that several data sources can be managed simultaneously, such as readings from high-precision static measurement, geographical information systems, remote control of the network, or the subscriber management system.

It is possible to carry out a meticulous modelling of the supply networks by adding up all these data.

GOTA CIA & BIONS projects: greater efficiency in the management of water resources