• The secondary treatment of water and sludge generated has been completed
  • The plant has increased its capacity to 77.760 m³ per day, to provide a service to a population equivalent of 259.200

ACCIONA has completed the renovation work on the Wastewater Treatment Plant (WWTP) at Práceres in Pontevedra province (Galicia, NW Spain). This means that the plant now has a treatment capacity of 77.760 m³  per day to serve a population equivalent of 259.200.

The aim of this contract was to improve the performance of the Práceres wastewater treatment plant to comply with the discharge limits stated in Directive 91/271/CEE.

The Práceres WWTP treats the wastewater from the towns of Pontevedra, Poio (except for the Raxó area) and Marín, as well as part of Vilaboa, and discharges the treated water into the Pontevedra Estuary through an underwater pipe.

The work consisted of the conversion of the existing secondary treatment process into a moving bed biological reactor (MBBR) and the incorporation of  posterior ballasted settling process. This means that the treatment capacity of the reactor can be increased with just a small extension of the present volume. The sludge line has also been extended and improved.

This project comes within the priorities of the Regional Government of Galicia in the field of water works, to guarantee the environmental recovery of the water in the area and the productivity of the local shellfish industry and tourism, with the main aim of complying with the discharge limits set by the European Union.