• The construction of the nursery centre building by an all-female team won two awards in the categories for “Outstanding Practices” and “Best Construction Firm”
  • A group of 35 women is constructing the nursery centre building, with a floor area of 750 m2.

On 28 May at the Marga Marga Hospital construction site, ACCIONA and a group of 35 women who are currently building the nursery centre of the hospital complex, celebrated the “Women Construct” award presented by the Chilean Chamber of Commerce for the Construction Sector (CChC), which recognises the initiatives that are being implemented to promote the participation of women in the industry and raise awareness of women’s talents and contribution to the sector.

This gender based initiative was recognised by the sector organisation in two categories: “Outstanding Practices”, because it demonstrates the possibility of incorporating women and their contribution to the construction industry; and “Best Construction Firm”, for the positive gender indicators that it highlights.  

“Construction of the nursery centre building with an all-female team is an unprecedented initiative in Chile through which we are demonstrating that we can contribute to the construction industry under the same conditions as our male colleagues. All of the women that are working on this project feel extremely proud of what we are achieving, because we are overturning the stereotype and opening the door to more women in this sector”, said Tamara Astudillo, head of construction for the nursery centre project.



The workers were visited by the governor of Marga Marga Province, Carolina Corti, who has provided her backing from the outset of the project for the inclusion of local female workers in the construction of the complex. “First of all, I feel tremendously proud. The possibility that today the Chilean Chamber of Commerce for the Construction Sector has recognised ACCIONA for the nursery centre project, is a tremendous achievement for this administration of the Marga Marga government. When we began this process we thought it was impossible. Today, it is an agent for change”, she said.

After talking to each of the workers, who are making history in the construction sector, the provincial governor issued a message. “To the beloved women of Marga Marga province, to tell them once again that we are making history, we are part of innovation. This legacy will last for years in this wonderful territory. I feel enormously proud as a woman because behind these 35 women is a history of bravery, a defining moment. Congratulations and let’s continue to forge ahead, developing specific gender inclusion actions”.

The human resources manager for the construction of the Marga Marga Hospital, Pablo Miranda, highlighted the integrating role that people management areas must play to promote the inclusion of women in the industry. “This recognition strengthens the conviction of our corporate goals to create a more inclusive company in terms of gender, based on respect, diversity and inclusion. Human resources areas are the front line when it comes to changing stereotypes, myths and biases that are entrenched in such a male dominated industry. I am happy to be part of this cultural change and we can see that change is possible if we all work towards achieving it”, he said.

Construction on the nursery centre of the Marga Marga Hospital, with a 750 m2 floor area, began in early March this year and is currently 7.5% complete in terms of the structural work. This means that in just three months, these women have carried out the works for the ground grid, the compacting, the mountings, the rebar and concrete foundation works, perimeter and containment walls, and the works to install rainwater drainage and surface waterproofing.

At the end of the project, the workers will continue to have employment and be progressively integrated into the work to construct the remainder of the Marga Marga Hospital.