• The plant will treat around 100,000 tons per year, 80% of which will be recycled as raw materials for new infrastructure.

ACCIONA has acquired a facility for the treatment and reuse of construction waste in Vilanova del Vallès (Barcelona). The plant will treat around 100,000 tons of waste per year, 80% of which will be reused as raw material for the development of new infrastructure. ACCIONA’s goal is to increase the plant’s efficiency to 90% through technological improvements.

The plant, located in the former Santa Quiteria quarry, receives construction, demolition and earthmoving waste, mainly from construction sites in the surrounding area, with the aim of producing recycled material for use in civil engineering projects.

The waste received is weighed, classified, crushed and screened and is used for different purposes: stabilizing material for esplanades, drainage, road bases, road and path maintenance, land consolidation, among others.

ACCIONA proposes this center in Vilanova del Vallès as a platform to carry out activities that contribute to the regeneration of the environment.

ACCIONA has extensive experience in the construction and management of waste treatment centers. In 2021, the company recovered 87% of its waste, reducing its generation and landfill by 22% compared to the previous year.