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Sustainability Master Plan (SMP 2020)

Sustainability Master Plan 2015 continuation.

In the creation of the SMP 2020 ACCIONA has carried out an assessment of the achievements and difficulties experienced over the five years of implementing the previous SMP.

The new Plan is structured by strategic and operative objectives applied across the organisation, with specifications for the different areas of business with the aim of bringing sustainability closer to the particular nature of each line.

The new goals of the SMP 2020 shared by the Group, arise from the growing interdependence of the business lines

Sustainability Master Plan 2010-2015

Six years ago, with a view to the medium and long term, ACCIONA planned and structured the initiatives related to sustainability in the form of a roadmap that has helped us stand out, become more competitive, contribute to sustainable development, and consolidate our position as leaders in sustainable practices. That was ACCIONA's first Sustainability Master Plan 2010-2015.

The SMP 2010-2015  was  structured around nine areas with a  strategic approach towards generating distinctive competitive capabilities. The  goal of being a leader in sustainable solutions made it necessary to align  internal resources and the organisation itself with the goal of sustainability  and to ensure that this concept was transmitted to all the company's  activities. That was the only way of achieving those ambitious quantitative  objectives, especially in the area of energy and water consumption and  emissions reduction. 

An assessment of the SMP 2010-2015 shows broad attainment of the objectives and  some very significant achievements, both quantitative and qualitative.


Sustainability actions are a top-down, hands-on concern at ACCIONA, as evidenced by the fact that in 2009 the Company created a board-level Sustainability Committee entrusted with the task of approving the SMP 2015's objectives and monitoring their progress.


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