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ACCIONA’s socioeconomic impact

ACCIONA measures the socioeconomic and environmental impact of its projects in different countries so that the benefits generated by such projects throughout their life cycle are recorded.

From the Leontief model (based on the analysis of relationships between different industries), the company obtains quantitative results of the impact of the its activity in terms of employment generation (direct, indirect and induced) and the contribution to the country’s GDP, as well as taking into account other positive effects on the environment and communities.

In 2017, work was done on measuring the socioeconomic and environmental impact of the Mount Gellibrand and San Roman wind farms in Australia and the United States, respectively, in relation to ACCIONA's Energy business division, as well as its construction of line 1 of the Quito Metro in Ecuador and the Kathu solar thermal plant in South Africa.

Previously, the Energy division worked on new calculations of the socioeconomic impact in the solar plant of El Romero, Chile, and also made comparisons from the objective results of the socioeconomic impact in Mexico and South Africa with other non-renewable technologies: coal plants and natural gas.

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