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ACCIONA always makes the utmost effort to look out for its people, and provides a safe, healthy and discrimination-free working environment with a long-term view of attracting and fostering talent.

Social Responsibility towards people

ACCIONA wanted to be a pioneer in the application of effective policies to promote equal opportunities in all aspects. Because we understand it as the capacity to create professional surroundings in which the only criteria for professional development is a person's capacity and their will for advancement, without personal circumstances limiting them in any way whatsoever.

People with disabilities

As part of the Sustainability Master Plan, ACCIONA has set an objective of achieving a workforce in which 3% are people with disabilities. In 2017 , ACCIONA had the equivalent of 3,6  % of people with disabilities in the Spanish workforce.

Risk of social exclusion

ACCIONA runs job insertion programmes for people at risk of social exclusion. In 2017 the company hired 150 people, 35 of whom had been victims of gender violence. The agreements carried out include, among others: i) the “Convenio Inserta” with the FSC Inserta Foundation for the insertion of people with disabilities, ii) collaboration with the Higher Council of Sports for the insertion of high-level athletes, and iii) collaboration with the Universia Foundation for the insertion of university students with disabilities. 

The company also carries out internal awareness-raising initiatives on disability, equality, gender diversity and age, among others. Courses on equality and diversity are also taught via the corporate e-learning platform.

Pioneers in sustainable training

ACCIONA wants its employees to grow with the company and find ways to develop their skills. Training is vital in this regard and sustainability is part of it. 

The VIII Edition of the Executive MBA in Sustainable Global Business was developed in 2017. This edition included an integral approach to sustainable corporate management, in addition to specific modules on the Sustainability Master Plan.

In 2017, ACCIONA launched the new ACCIONA Sustainability Course, with the aim of providing training to 10,584 employees in 41 different countries.

Additionally,  50,870 hours of environmental training have been given to the employers.

Occupational health and safety

ACCIONA is well aware of the importance of raising the awareness of all its team on this issue.

Training is one of the prevention-related issues in which the largest amount of resources is invested.  All divisions have implemented training and awareness-raising programs and have designed an annual training plan that includes requirements in training on occupational health and safety. In 2017, over 199,669 hours of training were given to employees.

Sustainability-linked variable remuneration

In 2012, the Company approved the ACCIONA Bonus, a new variable remuneration program for ACCIONA employees taking into account the Company's financial results and individual targets based on objective and pre-established metrics.

It is worth mentioning that a minimum of 3,5% of the ACCIONA Bonus depends on targets linked to sustainability and identified for each division.

Employee satisfaction and engagement are the key attributes of the relationship model that ACCIONA aspires to achieve with its employees

In 2017, the biennial global engagement study was launched according to AON engagement model. The objective is to know the degree of commitment of the people that make up our team.

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