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Imaginne: A space for innovation


Creativity and Innovation go hand-in-hand in IMAGINNE, an environment that stimulates a culture of innovation and improvement aimed at results, promoting innovative products, solutions and services.


With IMAGINNE we have become a more dynamic and innovative organisation, capable of adapting to the economic and social context, continuously reinventing ourselves.

IMAGINNE also allows us to:

  • Discover ACCIONA employees' proposals in real time.
  • Build new proposals for ideas using the improvements our employees have suggested together.
  • Evaluate the ideas of greatest interest for our employees. 
  • Promote ideas through competitions, prizes and their implementation within ACCIONA from our Innovation Social Network.

Beyond our frontiers...

Innovation at ACCIONA goes beyond the internal boundaries of our organisation. Agreements with other organisations (technology centres, universities, clients, suppliers and collaborators) allow us to develop new projects that heighten and improve our ability to innovate.

We strive for innovation

In its commitment to Innovation, ACCIONA has made increasing investments in recent years. This innovation is being seen in projects developed in Canada, the US, Mexico, Brazil, Chile, Poland and Australia.

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