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Renewable energy centre

ACCIONA's various renewable energy production plants are the ideal platform for implementing Innovation, improving processes and maintenance engineering.

In applied innovation, ACCIONA trials, defies and integrates the best technologies available on the market and works in collaboration with a number of manufacturers of new products to improve the cost and reliability of energy produced.

Our lines of innovation are: 

  • Solar
  • Wind
  • Biomass
  • Electric storage and grid integration



ACCIONA is currently one of the world's largest operators, designers and builders of thermal solar plants with parabolic trough technology.

We strive to obtain the best performance, to optimise production while ensuring the safest working conditions.


ACCIONA is a pioneer in the installation of big photovoltaic plants, currently building and operating huge multimegawat plants.

We innovate in the logistics and building processes of plants, developing new tools for the improvement of the management, operation and maintenance of big photovoltaic plants so that they are assimilated and able to contribute to the quality and security of the electrical grids that they are connected to.




The research in wind energy focuses a good amount of ACCIONA’s innovative efforts in all its areas: development and promotion of its wind farms, building and installation, operation and maintenance of its wind generation facilities.

Energy cost reduction and life extension.



Renewable Energy Storage and Integration

Innovation focused on quality assurance of energy and the integration of the renewable energy into the electrical grid ensuring the highest standards of grid connection in all the countries we operate.

Technology is applied in countries where regulation by accumulation is currently or soon to be mandatory.

The Tudela photovoltaic plant has had Europe's first over 1MW storage system (ILIS PROJECT).


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