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Applied innovation in business

We focus Innovation on the areas directly related to our clients. We apply tailored solutions to every issue that arises. Our creations are highly technological.

Reality Captured from the interior of Trasmediterranea's ships
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The Reality Capture technology (Reality Capture by ACCIONA) allows for the design of digital models of building interiors, large spaces, or infrastructures, showing the exact details of each one of them in an original and innovative approach. Its ability to seize the conditions that form the experience make possible the displacement, in a fully immersive way, through 3D digitally generated models to know the real dimensions, obtain the As-Built plans, carry out the facility management with the generated BIM model, and analyze alternatives for the use of space by trying out different compositions with virtual reality equipment.

Desaladora de Adelaida
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South Australia's largest infrastructure, the Adelaida seawater desalination plant, has a treatment capacity of 100GL / year (300,000 m3/d) This reverse osmosis plant reduces the consumption of total plant energy by 40% based on its sustainable design and recovery of residual energy. In 2013 the desalination plant was nominated for the prestigious international award, Global Water Intelligence, and it has won multiple international and Australian awards, for construction as well as innovation and the environment.

The sun is the greatest source of energy, clean and inexhaustible
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The Sishen photovoltaic solar power plant (South Africa) is, with its 94.3 MWp of peak power, the largest plant installed by ACCIONA in the world. In operation since 29 November 2014, each year it covers the electricity demands of some one hundred thousand South African homes with clean energy, and has the greatest production in the entire African continent.

Faro de Composite - Puerto de Valencia
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The new Lighthouse of the Port of Valencia was developed with a pioneer construction solution, manufactured in its entirety with "composite materials", that significantly reduces execution time, associated emissions, provides higher resistance to corrosion and requires less maintenance.  Furthermore, the beacon includes a solar and wind energy supply system aimed at generating complementary energy for its operation.

ACCIONA strives for innovation

ACCIONA is enhancing innovation outside of Spain. This innovation is being seen in projects developed in Canada, the US, Mexico, Brazil, Chile, Poland and Australia, distributed by divisions as follows.

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