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Innovation at ACCIONA
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In ACCIONA innovation is synonymous with sustainability. ACCIONA works to transform ideas into new efficient technological developments to help build a sustainable future. We bring our developments to markets and clients that seek the satisfaction of their needs while demanding guarantees of sustainability in construction, water, services and energy activities for individuals and the planet. Conscious of this reality, at ACCIONA innovation is the driving force behind evolution, adding value in our processes and products throughout all of its areas, businesses, employees and countries.

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Applied innovation in business

Innovation focused on areas directly related to our customers. We apply specific solutions to each problem presented. We create technology-intensive activities.

Centres for technological innovation

ACCIONA innovates in renewable energies in Pamplona's Technology Centre, in infrastructure in Madrid's Technology Centre and in water technologies in Barcelona's Technology Centre.

Innovative strive

ACCIONA is enhancing innovation outside of Spain. This innovation is being seen in projects developed in Canada, the US, Mexico, Brazil, Chile, Poland and Australia, distributed by divisions as follows.

What is our Innovation policy?

Commitment to Innovation is the fundamental principle behind all of ACCIONA's activities. Thus commitment is embodied in the establishment of our Innovation Policy.

Imaginne: A process for innovation

At ACCIONA we know that we have a great many employees with imagination, initiative and great ideas. And we want to make the most of this, for the benefit of all.

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