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The natural environment and biodiversity

Conservation of biodiversity and the responsible use of our natural heritage are, for ACCIONA, as well as an ethical commitment, a necessary condition for global sustainability. Since 2013, the company has a Biodiversity policy in which it promotes the valuation and conservation of itself through various principles, as a necessary condition for the economic development and social progress.

As part of the Sustainability Master Plan 2020, has set as target the Neutral Biodiversity Footprint, which highlights the company’s commitment in this area. Currently, a methodology for measuring and valuating the biodiversity footprint is being developed and it integrates two recognized international methodologies. This methodology, focused on material aspects, contemplates several categories of impact such as toxicity, climate change, water, land use and transformation , acidification, among others.

Biodiversity Report

To learn about some of the best and most interesting biodiversity practices connected to ACCIONA’s activities, download the report ACCIONA, global commitment to biodiversity

Biodiversity Management

The final aim of the company’s biodiversity management is to determine the actual impact of ACCIONA’s activity on biodiversity. For this reason, ACCIONA prioritises the Mitigation Hierarchy of biodiversity impacts, which involves identifying and preventing the potential impacts that may occur, minimising those that could not be avoided, taking restoration actions and, finally, developing actions that offset these impacts in order to reach a Net Positive Impact. In addition, the company establishes environmental monitoring plan to control and monitor the implemented measures.

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