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Risk Management in Sustainability

ACCIONA needs to understand the risks and issues that emerge from social, environmental and ethical trends. Sustainability risks management allows the company to:

  • Increase resilience to multiple scenarios and environments.
  • Improve informed decision-making.
  • Reduce unforeseen costs.
  • Identify new business opportunities and competitive advantages:
  • Improve trust among its stakeholders.

In 2017, the new methodology for identifying and assessing these sustainability risks was approved. According to this methodology, the following climate change, environmental, social, labour, governmental and corruption risks are analysed for each country in the business that operates according to economic and financial consequences, the importance of the issue for each business, and the potential impact on its reputation and the management by the company of each risk.

Furthermore, in 2017, for the projects of the Energy and Infrastructure businesses, new sustainability risk scenarios were included in the evaluation, facilitating identification and assessment of the risks that affect its projects from a wider perspective and the establishment of measures that mitigate their potential negative consequences before they occur. In 2018, the risk maps will be obtained for the sustainability of the Energy and Infrastructure divisions.


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