For each obstacle, engineering has a solution. Bridges cross rivers, boost opportunities and bring lives closer. And they will continue to do so, from now on reinforced against global warming. ACCIONA helps make this possible through its sustainable solutions for bridge and viaduct construction.

Construction of bridges

ACCIONA builds bridges equipped against climate change, exploring innovative engineering solutions for all kinds of mountainous conditions. The company brings to light new construction techniques that it applies to bridge and viaduct projects, such as arch bridges and cable-stayed bridges.

More than 600 bridges built using efficient and sustainable techniques, which demonstrate ACCIONA's capacity for innovation. In fact, since 2004 the company has held the patent for the automated system of pushing panels together to build bridges (the "incremental launching method"), which it applies using concrete, metal and mixed panels. The panels are put in position on site, while the keystones are inserted using an automated system.

Some of the company's flagship bridge projects include the A30 motorway project in Montreal (one of the first launched structures completed in Canada), the Ting Kau Bridge in Hong Kong and, more recently, the cable-stayed bridge in Cebu, in the Philippines.

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Cebu city home to an incredible engineering work

A 2.5-kilometres cable-stayed bridge with a 650-metre main structure allowing an 8.5-kilometre highway. A spectacular project constructed by ACCIONA

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Construction R&D

Discover our main lines of research for construction projects and major works. We design solutions to optimise construction processes, as well as new technologies and more efficient materials in projects that reduce the potential impact on the natural environment.

Our priority


ACCIONA's permanent concern and commitment to the health and safety of our people and partners is a differentiating element and an indispensable requirement. We pursue the zero-incident objective through the most rigorous prevention measures in our transport projects and solutions.