Universities and student residences are two key areas where people can foster their knowledge and expand their cultural horizons, both of which constitute levers for sustainable development.


ACCIONA designs educational centres - the stages on which knowledge and experiences are shared. This in turn makes building a better future possible.

The company designs, builds and leads the sustainable management of universities and student residences. It currently runs five student residences in Spain and two university projects. The total concession area for university projects stands at 50,000 m2: the Polytechnic University of San Luis Potosí (Mexico) and the extension of the Faculty of Law at the University of Barcelona (Spain).

ACCIONA also provides services to schools, including management of municipal nursery schools and those specialising in music, language and crafts. It also assists with school transport supervisors, support teachers and morning supervision

One of the company's flagship projects in this area, "Project Loreto", is promoting diversity and gender equality in Australia using an advertising campaign that aims to attract skilled and experienced female workers to the construction sector.


Project Loreto: Female talent in the construction sector

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Discover our main lines of research for construction projects and major works. We design solutions to optimise construction processes, as well as new technologies and more efficient materials in projects that reduce the potential impact on the natural environment.

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ACCIONA's permanent concern and commitment to the health and safety of our people and partners is a differentiating element and an indispensable requirement. We pursue the zero-incident objective through the most rigorous prevention measures in our transport projects and solutions.