Sustainability and Renewable Energies


The company's aim to continue leading the transition to a carbon-neutral economy from the private sector results in the foundation of a different way of doing business

An approach that prioritizes the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions to contribute, supported by the pillars of energy, water and infrastructure, to the progress of society and the care of the planet. 

ACCIONA contributes to sustainable development and to improving the quality of life in the communities in which it operates. To this end, it seeks to align its social contribution and its business activity, through medium/long-term sustainable projects.

    Main sustainability indicators


    CAPEX aligned with the low-carbon taxonomy


    Avoided emissions (CO₂ million ton)


    Nº of trees planted


    Nº of Social Impact Management projects


    Social Impact Management projects beneficiaries


    Recovered waste

    Sustainability initiatives in energy projects

    Sustainability initiatives in energy projects

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    We fight against climate change

    emissions avoided through renewables-based generation

    Thanks to our renewable energy projects around the world we manage to avoid the emission of millions of tons of CO₂

    How do we calculate using the emissions counter? The total CO₂ emissions avoided for a period is obtained by adding the emissions avoided in each of the countries in which ACCIONA generates renewable electricity during the period, taking into account its emission factor.


    Tons of CO₂ emissions avoided in 2022


    A communication channel for anyone affected by our projects


    ACCIONA's Sustainability Master Plan calls for easy dialogue with our many stakeholders so we can get to know what their expectations are and how our activities affect different areas.

    Under this philosophy, we uphold the "Equator Principles", a series of principles adopted voluntarily by financial institutions to ensure that certain of the projects they finance are carried out in a socially responsible way under good environmental management.These objectives perfectly match ACCIONA's own position on this issue.

    The sixth of the Equator Principles states the need for project developers to establish a grievance mechanism enabling different stakeholders to express their concerns about a given project through a process that is comprehensible, transparent and accessible to the communities involved.

    In response to this commitment, ACCIONA Energy makes the following form available to the people and groups that consider themselves to have a stake in what we do. Please send us your questions and/or suggestions about any project we are running.

    Our commitment to sustainability