Generating renewable energy close to the point of consumption allows for lower bills and releases space in the electricity system


Our catalogue of decarbonisation solutions also includes distributed generation options through self-consumption systems, both connected to and isolated from the electricity grid.

After analysing the consumption profile, resource assessment, land availability and local regulations, we develop tailor-made solutions within the customer’s facilities or on land adjacent to the point of electricity consumption.

We also offer domestic customers our self-consumption solutions with solar photovoltaic panels that include the study of the specific conditions of the property, the optimal sizing of the solar panel installation, all the technical and administrative management procedures and the provision of complementary services such as electricity supply with a virtual battery, air conditioning with aerothermal energy and the installation of charging points for electric vehicles.


More information about our self-consumption solution is available on the ACCIONA Energía website.


Solar-powered irrigation: a new partnership between farming and the Sun

ACCIONA Energía has installed the world’s biggest irrigation system to be powered by a solar plant without batteries in Montesusin (Aragon, Spain).