Electric mobility

We plan, install and operate electric vehicle recharging networks for companies and local authorities


The success of the energy transition is inextricably linked to transport electrification. That's why at ACCIONA Energía we're experts in electric vehicle recharging solutions, aimed at both the private and public sector.

In the corporate enviroment, we plan, install and operate recharging networks for own fleets and those of customers, working with both large companies and SMEs.

We also have significant experience in providing solutions to the public sector, where there is an increasing need for public charging points in urban areas.

We have a wide, and constantly expanding, intercity network of chargers, which allows you to plan your journey by reserving your chosen charging point in advance.


More information about our electric mobility solution is available on the ACCIONA Energía website.


V2G – Powering your Fridge (and the Grid) with your Electric Car

The Balearic Islands in Spain will host a pioneering project to revolutionise how we produce and consume renewable energy.