Taking care of what we have and giving it a new life. This is ACCIONA's mantra for its waste management solutions in cities that revolve around the circular economy: the model that will make them truly sustainable.


Through its urban waste management solutions, ACCIONA seeks to accelerate the implementation of a circular economy model that focusses on taking care of used resources and how to produce them. In order to extend their useful life in a scenario where reusing, reducing and recycling are seen as essential to prevent the collapse of the human productive model. And transforming it.

The solutions provided by the corporation are strongly influenced by technology and innovation to increase efficiency in waste collection, transport and management. Thereby, ACCIONA designs optimised routes, uses container sensing and obtains new sustainable materials.

At the same time, ACCIONA offers waste services that include waste collection, road cleaning, maintaining municipal spaces, beaches and urban developments, managing waste treatment and transfer plants, as well as managing the waste disposal centres of waste transfer plants.

The company is also able to transform waste into renewable energy, thanks to its three energy recovery plants located in Australia and Scotland. In total, these three plants will eliminate up to 850,000 tons of urban waste per year and produce up to 619 MWh of clean electricity.

Waste to energy: using waste to generate renewable energy to reduce landfill and pollution

Key figures


tons of waste removed per year by our Waste to Energy plants


electricity per year thanks to WtE plants

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ACCIONA's permanent concern and commitment to the health and safety of our people and partners is a differentiating element and an indispensable requirement. We pursue the zero-incident objective through the most rigorous prevention measures in our transport projects and solutions.