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Annual report

Annual report 2018

"We facilitate clean energy, manage the water cycle, create resilient infrastructure and offer electric mobility service to respond to the challenges of sustainability".

Annual Report 2017

Annual report 2017

"With 2030 as time frame, the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) tackle major challenges facing humanity from a global and cross-cutting perspective, where the solution of certain problems will help to resolve others"

Annual Report 2016

"2016, a year of solid financial results. Stability, good operating performance, strong balance sheet are just some of the objectives that have characterised the year."

Annual Report 2015

Annual Report 2015

"2015 marked a turning point for ACCIONA, vindicating the measures adopted during the crisis."

Annual Report 2014 ACCIONA

Annual report 2014

"2014 was a year in which the global economy continued to recover, although not all countries did so at the same pace."

"The difficulties faced by the Company in recent years have not prevented us from solidifying and confirming our business model, and that encourages us to look to the future with confidence and assurance."

Annual report 2013

"ACCIONA has responded flexibly and with great energy, launching an Action Plan to mitigate the impact of regulatory change and maintain its line of growth and value creation in Energy and Infrastructure".

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