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Shareholders' meeting


In compliance with the provisions of article 512 of Legislative Royal Decree 1/2010 of July 2nd 2010, which approves the revised text of the Act on Corporations, the Annual Meeting of Stockholders of ACCIONA, S.A. has approved these Regulations, which systematize and implement the rules of operation of this body.

Shareholder Rights

Relevant information related to the Annual Meeting of Stockholders will be included in ACCIONA’s website and will be accessible electronically from the publication of the notification of the meeting until it is held, at least.

Proxies and voting rights

All stockholders who have registered their stocks within the advance period laid down by Law in the corresponding Account Registry, in conformity with Stock Market legislation and other applicable provisions, are entitled to attend the General Meeting.

Previous AGSMs

Get to know the history of the Annual Meetings of Stockholders.

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