Article 1.- Registered name

The company is named “Acciona, S.A.” and is governed by these Articles of Association, and by the other ruling legal provisions.

Article 2.- Objects

The Company’s object is the performance of business activities in the following areas:

  1. Construction.
  2. Turning to account infrastructures.
  3. Real estate and land development.
  4. Energy and water.
  5. Transport and complementary services.
  6. Urban and environmental services.
  7. Ancillary services to business and their facilities.
  8. Leisure, events and audiovisual.

The Company may carry out all the activities of execution and complementary activities in these lines of business and hold stakes in other companies for investment purposes.

In no case shall the corporate objects be deemed to include those activities which require any kind of administrative authorization not held by the company in order to be carried on.

*This is translation of a duly approved Spanish-language document, and is provided for informational purposes only. In the event of any discrepancy between the text of this translation and the text of the original Spanish-language document which this translation is intended to report, the text of the original Spanish-language shall prevail.