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Board of Directors

The mission of the Board of Directors of ACCIONA is to foster social interest by representing the company and its stockholders in the administration of its assets, the management of its businesses and organizational structure.

Board member and position First appointment Last appointment Condition
Mr. José Manuel Entrecanales Domecq Chairman 14/04/1997 30/05/2018
Mr. Juan Ignacio Entrecanales Franco Vice Chairman 14/04/1997 30/05/2018
Ms. Belén Villalonga Morenés Member 10/05/2006 10/05/2016
Other non-executives
Art. 529 duodecies ap. 4i) She has been a director for a continuous period of more than 12 years.
Mr. Daniel Entrecanales Domecq Member 04/06/2009 30/05/2018
Appointing shareholder: Wit Europese Investering, BV
Mr. Javier Entrecanales Franco Member 22/09/2011 30/05/2018
Appointing shareholder: Tussen de Grachten, BV
Ms. Ana Sainz de Vicuña Bemberg Member 11/06/2015 30/05/2018 Independent
Mr. Juan Carlos Garay Ibargaray Member 06/06/2013 10/05/2016 Independent Lead Idependent Director
Ms. Karen Christiana Figueres Olsen Member 18/05/2017 18/05/2017 Independent
Mr. Jerónimo Marcos Gerard Rivero Member 24/06/2014 18/05/2017 Independent
Mr. Javier Sendagorta Gómez del Campillo Member 30/05/2018 30/05/2018 Independent
Mr. José María Pacheco Guardiola Member 30/05/2018 30/05/2018 Independent
Mr. Jorge Vega-Penichet López Secretary (Non-Director) 22/03/2006 23/03/2006
Secretary non Director

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