ANA (IBEX 35) +100,2000 (0,96 %)

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Analyst opinion

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Institution Analyst Target
Recommendation Date
BBVA Isidoro del Álamo 110,00 Buy 28-05-19
Kepler Cheuvreux José Porta 102,00 Buy 16-05-19
Exane BNP Manuel Palomo 85,00 Sell 15-05-19
Alphavalue Felix Brunotte 121,00 Buy 14-05-19
Alantra Fernando Lafuente 92,05 Sell 13-05-19
Fidentiis Daniel Rodríguez 108,50 Buy 13-05-19
Santander Óscar Nájar  96,00 Sell 10-05-19
Bankinter  Aránzazu Bueno 101,70 Buy 10-05-19
Bankinter Securities Pedro Echeguren 104,50 Hold 08-05-19
Goldman Sachs Alberto Gandolfi 85,00 Hold 16-04-19
GVC Gaesco Rafael Fernández de Heredia 86,40 Buy 05-04-19
Sabadell Alfredo del Cerro 81,65 Sell 01-04-19
Citi Antonella Bianchessi 92,00 Hold 04-03-19
Macquaire José Javier Ruiz 84,00 Hold 04-03-19
JB Capital Markets Daniel Gandoy 95,50 Buy 01-03-19
Renta 4 Ángel Pérez Llamazares 96,05 Buy 04-01-19
HSBC Sean McLoughlin 83,00 Hold 12-12-18
Caixabank BPI Gonzalo Sánchez Bordona 96,50 Hold 27-11-18

Last update: 03-06-19

Research Coverage

Institution Analyst
Alantra Fernando Lafuente
Alpha Value Felix Brunotte
Bankinter Securities Pedro Echeguren
Bankinter Aránzazu Bueno
BBVA Isidoro del Álamo
CaixaBank BPI Gonzalo Sánchez Bordona
Citi Antonella Bianchessi
Exane BNP Paribas Manuel Palomo
Fidentiis Daniel Rodríguez
Goldman Sachs Alberto Gandolfi
GVC Gaesco Beka Rafael Fernández de Heredia
HSBC Sean Mcloughlin
JB Capital Markets Daniel Gandoy
Kepler Cheuvreux José Porta
Macquarie José Javier Ruiz
Mirabaud Alvaro Navarro
Norbolsa Ruben Escobedo Olabarria
Renta 4 Ángel Perez Llamazares
Sabadell Alfredo del Cerro
Santander Óscar Nájar


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