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This project consists of the design, construction, financing, operation and maintenance, as well as the provision of rolling stock for a period of 35 years of a 12.80 km light rail transport system in the city of Zaragoza that connects Valdespartera in the south with Parque Goya on the north side.

Line 1 of the Zaragoza Tramway runs between Parque Goya in the north of the city and the Valdespartera district in the southern part of the city. It runs through the historic centre along a catenary-free section and has a total of 33 stations and 21 vehicles, each 32 metres long, which provides a high-frequency service along the line.


The basic 35-year availability-based contract includes the design, construction of civil works, vehicles and systems, as well as the financing, operation and maintenance, and the provision of the rolling stock.


Phase one of the project is under steady operation and phase two is currently operational after construction was completed in December 2012.

The project has won numerous national and international awards, including:

  • Light Rail Awards 2012 for the Best Global Project of the Year awarded by the British Ministry of Transport.
  • UITP Award 2012 for Best Urban Integration Project.
  • Cemex International Infrastructure and Urban Planning Award 2013.


  • Location: Zaragoza, Spain.
  • Contract type: Design, construction, financing, operation and maintenance.
  • Infrastucture: The project includes 13 kilometres of double tracks and 33 stops, of which 2 km operate without overhead lines along the city's historic centre in order to reduce visual impact, using batteries which are charged at the stops.
  • Year of project completion: 2013

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