Supplied Inhabitants

Waste Water Treatment Plant

Villaviciosa de Odón Waste Water Treatment Plant

General Information

  • Entity: Community of Madrid (Madrid Regional Government) Canal de Isabel II
  • Location: Madrid
  • Population: 120,000 eq/inhab
  • Flow: 20,000 m3/day

Key points - Treatment

  • Pre-breakdown and propelling to WWTP-urban pipes and propelling
  • 10 mm pitch coarse solids breakdown
  • 3 mm pitch fine solids sieving
  • Sand/silt trapping-grease trapping in 2 aerated longitudinal channels
  • Sand/silt clarifying and grease concentrating
  • Biological treatment in low load active sludge with removal of nitrogen and phosphorus by biological means (MUCT)
  • Two 13,750 m3 reactors
  • Diffuser and blower aeration
  • Secondary settling in two 30 m diameter circular units
  • Excess sludge floatation thickening in a 10 m diameter unit
  • Dehydration (Conditioning) in two 13 m3/h centrifuge settlers

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