Population equivalent

Waste Water Treatment Plant

Valdivia Waste Water Treatment Plant

General Information

  • Entity: Agua Décima
  • Location: Chile
  • Population: 101,500 eq/inhab
  • Flow: 25,920 m3/day

Key points

  • Coarse (ø 30 mm) and fine (ø3 mm) solids breakdown by mean of two automatic grids and two self-cleaning sieves
  • Third emergency channel with hand operated screen
  • Two sand/silt-grease trap channels 12 m long
  • Two primary ø 25 m settlers
  • Chlorine gas disinfection
  • Sludge thickening in ø 7 m gravity thickener
  • 2,100 m3 unheated anaerobic digestion
  • Sludge dehydration by means of a 1.5 m band filter
  • Deodorisation of the installations by means of an active carbon filter

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